Saturday, 10 September 2011


Wow, 100 views! And that's only since I added the counter on here a couple of weeks ago!

I got 3 bfps earlier this week. Like blatant, in your face bfps; I used ICs, so I got the first one and was a bit sceptical, but still got two more after that! So Dave and I got all excited, ready to book doctors appointments and finally buy baby clothes. A day or two later I decided to do another IC... Stark negative. I was so confused! I didn't really think that 3 tests would be wrong! So I did the FRER I still had from last cycle. Another negative. By this point I wanted to stick a microscope up my cervix and see if there was anything there! Left it for a day, then I got woken up this morning by sharp pains in my stomach. Went to the toilet, and BANG, my period's here. Hmm. Back to square one!