Friday, 29 July 2011

Jeremy Kyle, Vitamin C, and peeing on sticks.

I've actually been so lazy recently! I quit my job last week- because my manager was an a***hole- and we've kind of decided that there's no point in me getting a new job until we move. So my day consists of Jeremy Kyle, peeing on sticks, and laying in bed. It was nice at first, but after a few days it gets a bit tedious, I like to be busy! Saying that, it is quite nice to relax and rejuvenate for a little while.
Today was pretty much like every other day, woke up, took my temperature, watched JK. Got to lunch time and I was oh so hungry, so we decided to go down to the shop. I saw some vitamin bits and pieces in there, and I'd been saying for a while that I wanted to get some to help with the TTC, so I got Vitamin C + Zinc chewy vitamins. They're orange flavoured, and taste quite nice actually! I could eat a whole pack, but they're one a day, and 'excessive consumption can lead to laxative effects'. Not a good idea to eat too many then.
The quitting smoking thing isn't going to bad, but still not as well as it probably could be. My head's been so all over the place recently, I need a fag or two to calm me down (bad excuse, I know). But hopefully I'll knock it on the head soon :)
Oh, and also a quick hello and thank-you to all my followers and readers xxxxxx

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