Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Hospital Appointment

I had my hospital appointment today, for the results of my smear test and for a checkup, and guess what? I'm all clear! I'm all fine to start making and having babies :) We bought some Conceive Plus today, and it was perfect timing; I got home, did an OPK and got my first positive! So fingers crossed we catch the egg on our first month of TTC. I've also been charting over the last few days, to try and keep track. It's here if anyone wants to look; My Ovulation Chart. It's been a bit up and down lately, and I've been taking my BBT at the same time every day. I also bought some FRERs today, so I'll let you all know the results when I finally get around to doing them!


  1. lol i knew you were about to ovulate :) goodluck

  2. feel like I've been waiting forever! Thankyou